đź’ˇHow to create good packaging design

Packaging has become an increasing focus over the last few years and amplified as we go through the pandemic. 

With more and more shoppers choosing to go online for their purchases, packaging must be functional, durable, and create a great customer experience. 

For in-store items, packaging has become a way to distinguish the product from others and entice customers to purchase.

Good packaging design can often be the make-or-break factor for customer purchases. 

Example of good packaging
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Businesses that focus on creating great custom packaging are more likely to see higher rates of customer loyalty and retention, which can benefit the business immensely. 

So what goes into making good custom packaging? 

We’ll look at everything you need to know to make your packaging the best one yet.  

Why do I need Good Packaging for my Products?

With the right packaging features, you can attract and retain customers. 

Think of it as a marketing tool, and each aspect of packaging needs to reflect that. 

Good packaging tells customers what your product is and how to use it. 

It also keeps your product safe from the elements as it travels from one place to another. 

Finally, good packaging ensures that customers receive your products safe and sound, without worrying about safety or other concerns.

Ultimately, you need to consider how packaging can differentiate you from your competitors. 

What kind of feedback do you get versus what they get? 

How can you create packaging that shows your strengths and encourages someone to purchase your product? 

Custom packaging design helps answer these questions by creating tailored solutions based on your product’s uniqueness. 

The Characteristics of Good Packaging

There are many features of good packaging that you need to consider. 

Some might find it challenging to incorporate all of the different packaging features for good packaging design, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

example of simple packaging that works
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If you work with packaging experts, you can create thoughtful custom packaging that helps your product truly stand out.

  1. Easy to use

Customers don’t like super heavy packaging…but they may also mistrust the product inside if the packaging is too light.

Getting the balance right is hard, but it definitely matters. 

That’s why it’s important to consider the weight of the product, the weight of the packaging, and how that comes together.

Ideally, you’re looking to create packaging that customers and retailers find easy and convenient to handle.

The design and size of the packaging should not be a deterrent to purchase, so it’s vital to think through the packaging structure and how easy it is for customers to use.  

  1. Protective

Without secure packaging, your product will suffer – that much is certain. 

Your packaging needs to use the right materials and designs to ensure that products remain secure during transport and against inclement weather. 

That means creating sturdy and secure packaging, like corrugated boxes, which keeps your product protected and ensures safe arrival to customers. 

example of protective packaging
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Customers must be able to trust your product and the packaging it arrives in. 

  1. Convenient to store

How will your product be used? 

Think about the internal and external packaging layers and how that contributes to the overall product experience. 

For example, is the product easy to store for vendors, or do they struggle to stock your product? 

Is it adaptable enough that customers can store the product how they wish? 

Packaging features must consider all potential uses of the product and the packaging itself to ensure that it is designed with customer convenience in mind. 

  1. Experiential 

Customers naturally gravitate towards aesthetically pleasing products that create an experience. 

Packaging plays a big role in conveying that. 

Depending on your brand and product, you can create a truly rich product experience using different packaging features

Think about how you want customers to feel as they open the packaging and see the product and the messages you want to convey. 

You can communicate luxury, convenience, simplicity, and so much more by using thoughtful custom packaging design, so take time to think through the customer experience. 

  1. Branded

Another feature of good packaging is its use as a branding opportunity. 

As stated earlier, you can communicate a lot about your product and brand through the packaging. 

It’s a marketing tool, and that’s why it plays such a large role in good custom packaging.

Example of communicative packaging
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Incorporating your brand and making that connection clear will help create brand value and draw loyal customers in. 

Strong branding, coupled with great design, helps you stand out from the rest and ensures that customers are more likely to opt for you over others.

  1. Eco-friendly

Sustainability has become a growing focus in packaging over the years. 

Customers expect to see eco-friendly materials and sustainable packaging in the products they choose to purchase, which is a crucial consideration in custom packaging. 

Using eco-friendly materials is not only better for the planet, but it also goes a long way in making authentic connections with your customers. 

It shows them that your brand aligns with their values and that you take sustainability as a serious responsibility. 

In addition, you can communicate your commitment to sustainability in the materials you use for the packaging and how you incorporate that in the design and text on the packaging. 

Example of sustainable packaging
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Overall, packaging design can be exactly what you want it to be. However, these core elements play a crucial role in the packaging success of your products in terms of consumers as well as retailers. 

Get in contact with PakFactory’s packaging experts today and get all the tools you need to create good packaging solutions tailored to your brand!