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Custom Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes are perfectly suited for e-commerce & subscription shipments and are one of the best ways to ship products in the safest manner possible. Made from either paperboard or corrugated materials, we always ensure that our custom printed mailer boxes are in great condition. At PakFactory, we always have a variety of options suited to the mailing requirements of different shipping companies.

Our custom mailer boxes are also extremely pocket-friendly and affordable, making them the perfect choice for you. Ready to design & create mailer boxes with your logo? Contact us by phone, email or chat now!

To get an instant quote, you can check out our mailer boxes in the digital corrugated boxes section.

If you have any further questions and require more customization, simply click on the boxes in this section, fill out your specifications and we will get back to you within 24 hours! 


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PakFactory Promises Quality Assurance in Every Order!

Cardboard mailer boxes have become a popular box structure for e-commerce. Why? Because of the durability, convenience, unboxing experience and best of all the price. Many subscription box companies have opted this box structure because fitting several products in a compact packaging while producing an aesthetic appearance has become more and more important.

Our paperboard & corrugated mailers at wholesale are crafted from high quality materials that ensure that you get a box that is durable, sturdy and puts up well with wear and tear. When it comes time to shipping products, we ensure that your boxes travel well without compromising the product inside.

Flexible Sizes

Not all products are made to fit inside the same kind of box which is why we offer custom mailer boxes that can easily accommodate the product you want. Whether your product is slim and tall or short and stout, we can help you to find the perfect custom box that will be perfect for it. With the biggest flexibility in sizes, we can guarantee that no matter what the product is, we can cater to helping you ship your products with ease.

Custom Printing & Additional Options

We also offer custom printing services for your paperboard & corrugated mailer boxes at the highest standard. At PakFactory, you can pick and choose from a number of different color schemes by our capabilities in digital printing, offset printing and PMS color options for your logo and artwork. Based on the type of material you choose, we can provide the required coating and additional process to get the attention of your customers

Why Choose PakFactory?

It's a no brainer! You provide us with your ideas and we provide the best service possible. At the wholesale cost, we guarantee high quality boxes, endless options & a proven process. Ready to move forward? Speak to our highly trained product specialists by phone, email or chat today!