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by Jana Iverson

Custom packaging is about making a long-term investment. Let’s explore how you can increase your return on investment with packaging design!

by Jana Iverson

Packaging design is more than a fun way to express your brand narrative. Explore how packaging design is beneficial for both your business and …

by Sid Acan

During relevant discussions on personalized packaging design, the …

by Mark Velarga

Recyclable cardboard materials have become a widespread alternative use …

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by Jana Iverson

AQ coatings are the most common finishing solution for packaging. Learn all about how AQ coating can benefit your …

by Jana Iverson

Foil stamping is a specialty printing process featuring a glistening shiny finish. Learn all about foil stamping for your …

by PakFactory

A comprehensive guide to folding carton packaging showcasing its various popular styles and everything else you need to know …

by Jana Iverson

Cool & creative packaging doesn’t have to be costly. Get inspired by these affordable elements you can add into …

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