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Anfield Shop: Box for the Die-Hard FC Fan

Beginning as a small fan operation, Anfield Shop has become the local favorite store of all things Liverpool FC. It all started in a spare room to the garage. Now eight years strong operating from an independent location just outside of Seattle, Washington.

Thanks to their licensing agreement with the club, it allows them to produce official LFC products, custom items, and apparel. Their mission is to be the go-to source for Liverpool FC memorabilia and items for fans all over North America. 

They are as passionate about giving back to the community, as they are passionate about the club and the sport. Being die-hard Liverpool FC fans, they support several foundations such as the Jamie Carragher’s 23 Foundation, Steven Gerrard Foundation, and the LFC Foundation.

We’ve seen so much change with subscription boxes as the genre has developed.

Alisha Weiss, CEO
Custom subscription box by Anfield.

The Challenge

The idea and execution of the subscription box have grown and developed further in the design over the years. Anfield Shop faced the challenge of providing value to fans on a limited budget. 

They wanted to maintain the value that fans received from the exclusive and custom limited-edition merchandise. What’s left is a small and limited budget for the individual box. 

Something to keep in mind is that the purpose of the boxes is to also contribute towards the overall user experience, not only to contain the merchandise. The box itself needs to help deliver a story of the items it contains. 

The unboxed Anfield custom subscription box.

We found out from customer feedback that people were holding onto the boxes and sharing their unboxing experience on social media enhancing our brand engagement even more!

Alisha Weiss, CEO

The Solution

The original box had a roll end tuck top structure, which had a high probability of comprising the interior integrity during transit. With the help of Kristen, one of PakFactory’s Packaging Specialists, Anfield Shop was able to improve on their pre-existing subscription box. The solution from our specialist was to use a Tab Lock Roll End design, therefore securing the structure. 

Anfield Shop also changes their box designs frequently to maintain customer engagement with their unboxing experience. With PakFactory’s resources and printing capabilities, they were able to consistantly deliver different box designs with low turnaround time while maintaining high-quality printed boxes. 

A head-on view of the unboxed Anfield custom subscription box.

The Results

Working with PakFactory is great because, in addition to the sort of traditional packaging you’d expect with a subscription box, PakFactory has so much experience in all types of packaging so we really aren’t limited with anything.

Alisha Weiss, CEO

The Anfield Box continues to be an on-going project at PakFactory, constantly discovering new ways to add value to the box. The subscription box is on their 8th release and it has continued to be tweaked and improved each time. 

Anfield Shop has been receiving amazing feedback from customers. They realized customers were holding onto the boxes themselves. The box becomes a canvas to tell the story of its release, not to mention with a different design each time. 

When the subscription box arrives, the exterior is the first thing people see. It is an opportunity to set the standards with a strong first impression at each release. 

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