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Avec La Vie: Healing in a Package

Avec La Vie is a synergistic venture of creativity and inspirational musings that combines over ten years of healthcare experience with nearly twenty years of art direction and design. After working as a registered nurse, Rebecca Lefebvre (the CEO and Founder of Avec La Vie) decided it was time to design something meaningful and inspirational.

She wanted to offer a simple way for individuals to find their truth, nourish their heart, and love themselves. Over the years, many of her patients confessed that they found Mother Nature to be soothing. As a way to deinstitutionalize healing, and a neutral platform to share the lessons Rebecca had been gifted, she decided to create a deck of inspirational cards using animals as metaphors to explore the many complicated facets of our humanness.

Custom packaging for illumination cards.

The Challenge

Working with PakFactory was simple, seamless, and professional.

Rebecca Lefebvre, CEO and Founder

After approximately four years of previous sales, Rebecca decided to invest in redesigning her Fauna Inspiration deck and began the process of developing a custom box that would be convenient for display, travel, and storing. Based on customer feedback, prior packaging did not add value to the overall experience and was limiting broader expansion into the retail and wholesale markets.

Based on customer feedback, prior packaging did not add value to the overall experience and was limiting broader expansion into the retail and wholesale markets.

Top down view for custom boxes made by Avec La Vie.

The Solution

During the process, receiving the prototype made all the difference. It was essential the box top and bottom fit snuggly and the deck fit inside appropriately.

Rebecca Lefebvre, CEO and Founder

With the combined efforts and Rebecca’s prior experience as an Art Director for a creative agency, it was not difficult to find a solution. Rebecca knew that the structure of the boxes needed to be sturdy and the design should not take away from the overall experience of the cards.

The resulting design was a two-piece rigid type box that relied on the precise fit of the lid and base to work. The cards would slide perfectly into the box. The boxes featured beautiful artwork done by Rebecca, reflecting the same aesthetic and style drawn on each of her cards. 

Unboxed view of custom packaging for illumination cards.

The Results

From the initial contact to receipt of the first shipment of boxes, every step was thorough and well managed. Working with Kristen, Rebecca was able to achieve the perfect box for the newly designed deck.

Rebecca Lefebvre, CEO and Founder

Now in the market, both customers and retailers are offering organic, positive feedback. Orders have doubled and the overall response to the new product has been resoundingly positive. In 2019, Rebecca has plans to expand this product into the wholesale market and now has the packaging solution to do so.

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