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BEDA Beads: Inspiring the Next Generation of Creators

With the goal of awakening their customers’ individual inner potential, gifts, talent, and ability to create, BEDA Beads is here to inspire. Through their e-commerce platform, BEDA Beads specializes in inspirational gemstone beaded bracelets. 

Their vision is to equip creators with the necessary reminders to create a more meaningful life beyond themselves; to impact society in a meaningful way. 

BEDA Beads hopes to help the customer awaken their dreams, goals, and aspirations that have fallen victim to the “cannot’s” of the world. They challenge all creators to begin each day aware that they are the creator of their own vision. 

Custom boxes for Beda Beads.

The Challenge

PakFactory was very descriptive and detailed throughout the entire process. Communication was exceptional, we were able to get all the information we needed when we needed it.

Nelson Damachi, Founder

It was difficult for BEDA Beads to find a company that could give them a unique packaging, something that was completely different from the usual jewelry pouches. 

They were looking for a simple structure; something intriguing and easy to open. The design would emphasize their message, while only to enhance the experience of the customer after revealing their beaded product on the inside. It would have to be a box that the customer cannot leave without.


The Solution 

Our experience with Anthony was great he was very patient with us and diligent in trying to understand our ideas and how we could bring them to life.

Nelson Damachi, Founder

The final solution was everything that BEDA Beads had asked for. It was a rigid style one-piece structure box with a magnetic closure. The top exterior face of the box was beautifully designed and printed. 

It features the signature BEDA Beads circular pattern, finished with a Spot UV coating, creating a glossy three-dimensional impression on the pattern as well as the logo. 

Once you unlatch the magnetic closure revealing the BEDA Beads bracelet resting on the custom foam insert, the customer is then reminded with the message on the interior face of the lid: “begin each day aware”.

A view of the inserts for the custom packaging of Beda Beads.

The Result

It’s literally been a talking point for everyone who’s come across it, I mean people just seem to fall in love with it the moment they see it.

Nelson Damachi, Founder

Currently entering the market, BEDA Beads can be assured that they have the packaging that they are excited about. It has become one of its standout components for the business. 

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