Joseph Burkett has been collecting tree sap and sharing his creations at local farmers’ markets and festivals since 2001. Being the owner of Old State Farms, his company produces 100% pure maple syrup made through sustainable harvesting methods.

Old State Farms had worked with us before, where we helped package their infused and barrel-aged syrups into a gable box. And with the project being a success, Old State Farms has decided to work with us again.

For this project, Joseph seeks to bring Old State Farms’ products to the next level and showcase them with an attractive packaging solution, our specialty.

Images of three bottles of rye whiskey, rum, bourbon maple syrup

The Challenge

This time around, Old State Farms wanted to design a rigid box and a custom insert that will house their infusion sampler bottles. Before coming to us, they were using in stock rigid boxes as a temporary solution and figured that this is the best time to get a more permanent solution done.

The temporary solution that Joseph was using did not fit the product correctly and was causing damage to his products when mishandled during the delivery process. Not only did the products not fit as intended, but his presentation of his syrup bottles were also lacking.

The Solution

Knowing that Old State Farms had a budget that our product specialists had to follow, we provided Joseph multiple different cost-effective packaging solutions for him to choose from.

Joseph selected both the two-piece rigid box and a white corrugated insert, which are both durable choices for housing fragile items like his glass syrup bottles. The rigid box provides a more luxurious presentation to match his high-end brand of syrup bottles, and the corrugated insert is the perfect choice for mitigating potential damage during the delivery process.

During the design process, for the box to exude a luxurious feeling, we decided to keep it simple by printing the entire box in black and their logo in white to create higher contrast. The insert consisted of a long rectangular cardboard that was folded and glued to fit within the rigid box, ensuring that the three bottles fit comfortably inside.

Because Old State Farms did not have a deadline for this project to be completed, they were open to a lot more shipping options to help save costs. PakFactory offers a multitude of different shipping methods based on the client’s timeline, such as express air shipping, sea shipping, and a combination of the two. In this case, all Old State Farms’ custom boxes can be sea shipped because of their flexible timeline.

The Result

Old State Farms maple syrup is selling well and now has a durable, presentable packaging design that reflects their brand and protects its products. If you’re interested in trying new fusions of maple syrup, Old State Farms provides samplers of their flavored syrups to see which one you like.

A showcase of old state farms syrup full package
photo: pakfactory

The black boxes we just received are perfect. The 3 bottles fit just right and the finish is just what we’re working for.

Joseph Burkett, Founder of Old State Farms

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