Blister Packaging Boxes

Key Features

  • Ideal for sensitive and delicate products that require blister molding such as medicines, supplements, and other similar contents
  • Flaps on both ends to enable proper closing of the box and to prevent product from falling out
  • Durable and tamper proof material to ensure that the product is safe from harmful elements
  • Clear printing and customization offers clarity of instructions and proper branding
Price on Request

Engineered for Your Needs

Blister packaging is used for a wide number of applications, including medications, drugs, supplements, herbal products, and much more. Once the product is in the blister mold, you need a proper box to make sure it stays safe in the storage and at the shelves. At Pak Factory, we specialize in providing high grade custom print blister packaging boxes that can give your products the right first impression. We give you the opportunity to capitalize on the attention span of shoppers in retail markets with effective design and print.

Our blister packaging boxes are engineered using industry leading techniques in design and production. This results in high quality packaging that looks great and functions even better.

Superior Durability

At Pak Factory, we understand each and every aspect that is important to ensure value for our customers. When it comes to quality, we focus on the material as well as printing and customization. With our customized blister packaging boxes, we cater a broad spectrum of clients, most of which are manufactures of highly sensitive products such as medicines and pharmaceutical items. We keep in mind, their need for quality and durability. These blister boxes offer an added layer of protection beyond the blister mold.

As such, custom print blister packaging boxes are easily one of the most inexpensive options available today for the pharmaceutical and retail industry. If you want to see the quality of our blister packaging, you can always place an order for one box with custom print. If you are not sure about the design elements of printing, we can help you get some fresh ideas!

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