Plastic bags are slowly being phased out for a better, more eco-friendly option: the reusable shopping bag.

However, with this new reusable option, the problem of storing and organizing your collection of bags arises. 

Though this problem might initially seem minuscule, as your collection of reusable bags grows, stuffing them into the nearest drawer will prove less and less effective.

Thankfully there are several simple ways to get organized and ensure that you can quickly grab one of your reusable bags the next time you go shopping.

The Types of Reusable Shopping Bags

Before we dive into your reusable shopping bag storage situation, let’s first define a reusable shopping bag and look into the different types of bags you may have.

For starters, a reusable shopping bag is much more durable than a plastic bag. 

Commonly made of strong fabric or polypropylene, these shopping bags are eco-friendly as they can be used many times and last much longer.

Some standard options for reusable shopping bags are jute, canvas, woven polypropylene and non-woven polypropylene.

Jute bags are woven from quickly-grown vegetable fiber, making them highly popular among the eco-friendly crowd.

Canvas bags are made of fabric material woven out of cotton or linen. This material is also commonly found in tents, sails, and backpacks, guaranteeing its durability for all your shopping needs.

Woven polypropylene bags are like canvas bags but are instead woven from plastic threads to create greater strength and flexibility. They are also laminated during this process, making them waterproof and a 100% recyclable bag!

Finally, non-woven polypropylene bags are bonded together by using heat and pressure. Like its woven cousin, the non-woven poly bag is also waterproof.

A Bag in a Bag

Now that you know what a reusable shopping bag is and its common types, it’s time to start reorganizing!

The first and easiest way to organize reusable shopping bags is to place them all into one bag.

Gather all your bags, but set one aside to serve as a container for the rest.

Example of bag
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Flatten out your gathered bags using the premade creases and stack them on top of each other.

Fold the stack in half and store them in the one bag you set aside for a quick and easy way to access your reusable shopping bags!

Put Your Bags Into One Basket

The saying, don’t put all your eggs into one basket, does not apply here! 

The following method is to fold your reusable shopping bags and place them into a basket, shoe box, or bin.

This method requires you to fold your shopping bag neatly into a small square.

First, ensure your bag is flattened before taking the bottom of it and folding it in half towards the lip of the bag. Do this twice.

Second, take both sides of the bag and fold them into each other. 

If done correctly, this should create the small square shape you want.

Next, take the straps of your reusable shopping bag and pull them around the folded bag like an elastic band.

After you’ve done this, your reusable shopping bag should fit easily into a small basket or bin. 

This is one of the best ways to organize reusable shopping bags in a home environment, as they can now be stored on a shelf, by the front door, or even in your car!

Dividers and Racks

We’ve covered the easiest and preferable method for the home, but now it is time to look at a business setting. 

This method can be used at home but might be easier and more convenient in an office setting. 

Unlike at home, where it is easier to consider using another bag or repurposing an old shoe box to store your reusable shopping bags, an office is more likely to have spare items to use for this method.

The dividers and racks method repurposes items such as paper filing racks, plate racks or magazine racks to store reusable shopping bags.

In a home setting, you may not readily have a paper filing rack, magazine rack or spare plate rack, but this is more likely plausible for businesses.

On top of that, having a rack for reusable shopping bags is much more aesthetically pleasing than using another bag or an old shoe box!

An Organized Space Brings Peace of Mind

Now that we’ve gone through the easy ways to store and reorganize your reusable shopping bags, it is time to put them into action!

Organizing your shopping bags will make them easier to retrieve and put back when it comes time to go shopping.

Having a dedicated space where you neatly store your reusable shopping bags not only reduces frustration when looking for a bag and removes the need to untangle but will also help keep your home or office tidy.

After all, an organized space brings peace of mind!


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