When shopping at your local supermarket, it is a guarantee that you will see aisles stocked with products packed in rigid cans, boxes, glass jars, or bottles. 

These methods of keeping foods and beverages have been in use for so long that the average consumer and even retailers may have grown accustomed to them.

However, the fact remains that there is a better way to package our perishables, and this method is quickly gaining traction for its versatility, flexibility, and cost-efficiency: stand-up pouches.

A Flexible Packaging Solution

One of the reasons stand-up pouches are becoming more popular is because of their inherent versatility.

Example of stand up pouches
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Stand-up pouches are a type of flexible packaging that use durable but pliable materials like plastic or paper to create a lightweight container that is easily stackable and takes up much less space in a truck and on a shelf than rigid packages.

Flexible packaging can even hang from hooks at the end of an aisle!

Endless Customization

Not only do stand-up pouches come in various shapes and sizes, but they can also be die-cut into custom shapes and offer a sense of uniqueness that outclasses competitors.

Above all, the possibility of flexographic printing creates endless branding opportunities with custom-printed stand-up pouches!

Flexographic printing is the most versatile of all package printing methods and offers stunning HD graphics with precise ink control and solid lay-down on a wide range of films.

Unlike other containers, stand-up pouches allow for a near-infinite range of customizability to make a company’s product stand out from the rest.

A Cost-Effective Option

Now, if the endless amount of customizability hasn’t convinced you of the advantages of stand-up pouches, then the cost reductions surely will!

Rigid packaging costs three to six times more to manufacture than flexible packaging and is also heavier, takes up more space, and requires more labor to move, making other more traditional packaging more costly to store and transport to retailers.

Even when the products reach the stores, boxes allow for limited shelf space, making the entire process far less cost-efficient than flexible packaging.

Longer & Safer Shelf Life

Once the products are on the shelves, stand-up pouches still prove more efficient than traditional boxes

With a visible seal on the package, it is easy to determine the product’s condition and if it has been tampered with or compromised.

Stand-up pouches are also puncture resistant and come with various specialty films that protect their contents from moisture, UV rays, air, dust, and other possible contaminants, making products last much longer on the shelves. 

Consumer Convenience

Even for consumers, stand-up pouches are a preferable option.

It is not just because consumers can tell if your products have been tampered with due to the visible seal, but also because consumers value convenience.

As mentioned earlier, stand-up pouches are lightweight and take up less space than traditional packaging. 

As such, it is easier for consumers to add these products to their carts and store them in their cupboards when they get home.

Stand-up pouches are even resealable to promote extended use and easy accessibility.

Example of stand resealable stand up pouch
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Some stand-up pouches are also microwave-safe, allowing consumers to prepare their meals directly from the bag!

Are Stand-Up Pouches Sustainable?

The short answer is that stand-up pouches are more sustainable than their more rigid counterparts.

However, multiple factors are at play, such as the number of pouches made of plastic. Plastic is still a popular pouch option although there are sustainable paper pouch options available.

Flexible packaging as a whole still has less of a negative impact on the environment than other types of packaging.

Manufacturers use less material during production, making it easier to produce, thus reducing the energy used and volatile compounds entering the environment; fewer materials make for less waste in a landfill and a smaller environmental footprint.

Stand-up pouches are also lighter and smaller than boxes and containers, making them more fuel-efficient to transport.

Even the fact that consumers can reseal the package makes stand-up pouches a more environmentally friendly option.

However, going back to the endless customization available for stand-up pouches, greener options like biodegradable packages or kraft stand-up pouches, which are 100% recyclable, are also available. 

A Better Option Across The Board

From manufacturing to disposal, all signs point to stand-up pouches as the future of packaging perishables.

Stand-up pouches are cheaper to produce, efficient to transport, and easily customizable. 

They even last longer on the shelves, prove more convenient for the consumer, and have less of an environmental impact.

For businesses, consumers, and the environment, stand-up pouches are poised to replace more traditional food packaging as the go-to option.


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