With a mission to redefine the standards of CBD wellness and health products, Sensitiva is a fast-growing Toronto-based company committed to helping customers find increased satisfaction and fulfillment in modern living.

The benefits of CBD are becoming more understood and accessible in many countries across the world. Started by a group of dedicated individuals Sensitiva has developed premium CBD products to offer solutions for several specific wellness concerns for physical, mental, and emotional dimensions.

CBD can also be helpful with pets experiencing behavioral issues and those experiencing pain. With this in mind, Sensitiva is releasing a new line of canine CBD wellness products called Bobby’s Blend and wanted a unique packaging design that’s convenient to assemble, while attractive and unique.

The Challenge

Sensitiva had 9 products with different measurements with 18 unique labels that needed to be created at smaller run quantities to start. “With so many product sizes, all the vendors contacted were unwilling to create and provide dielines at the appropriate sizes or any real support without commitment to an order,” says Jennifer Dickson, Co-Founder and President of Sensitiva.

Having reached out to multiple vendors requiring high-order quantities per product line, the project seemed unfeasible until they got in touch with PakFactory. Sensitiva was looking for a minimalistic, chic, and clean looking sustainable packaging type that would be able to impress customers, while friendly to the environment.

On-top of this, Sensitiva was looking for a long-term partnership with a company that is able to help them with packaging engineering, prototyping and the ability to produce smaller-run orders at affordable prices to test their products on the market with a lower risk.

The Solution

Working with Karen Tam, a Senior Product Specialist from PakFactory, Sensitiva was able to get their project quoted on time and on budget, all while increasing the total packaging quantity supplied by 2.5x what was originally needed. 

Requiring 18 different artwork lines on their 9 product sizes, Karen was quickly able to determine that folding carton boxes with anti-scratch matte finish would be the best option to meet their sustainability and product needs. With folding carton, multiple artwork styles could be printed together in a single production run to reduce production costs, keeping the project affordable.

Without delay, Sensitiva sent their nine products to PakFactory’s labs to be precisely measured and weighed by packaging engineers and designers to create dielines and determine the appropriate material weights for the folding carton boxes. Within a few days, Sensitiva received all of the dielines for their designers to get working on.

After the artwork was completed by their designers, it was checked by PakFactory’s proofing team, which noticed part of the design interfering with a fold line. Sensitiva’s design team quickly corrected this error, sending it back to get new artwork proof before the project went to mass production.

sensitiva boxes showing all nine variations
Source: PakFactory

The Result

We’ll let you be the judge of the final design, structure and presentation of Sensitiva’s new Bobby’s Blend product line. We think the design looks high-end, modern and minimalistic, fitting Sensitiva’s product quality and vision and hope their products can make their way to pet’s coping with pain and behavioral problems.

With PakFactory’s unparalleled packaging support, project strategy and production capabilities, Sensitiva now has a new packaging partner it can turn to projects of all packaging types and sizes.

Source: PakFactory

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