Artisanal soap has become an immensely popular product, with many soap-making businesses seeing massive growth. 

Handmade soap is a wonderful product to gift to others, or it can serve as a lovely indulgent treat. 

And with so many amazing fragrance options, there is definitely a growing demand for handmade soaps

However, with the growth of soapmaking, there has also been an increased focus on functional packaging. 

To truly showcase the high-end quality of the soap and its uniqueness, packaging has to be designed accordingly – while still keeping the product safe and sound for customers to enjoy. 

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It can be challenging to strike a balance between protection and aesthetic appeal when it comes to packaging for soap, but there are definitely options out there for business owners to consider. 

This article serves as a comprehensive guide to getting soap packaging right for your business and creating a truly unique customer experience when it comes to artisanal soap. 

Elements for Great Soap Packaging

So how do you get your soap packaging to be appealing to customers? 

There are several considerations to bear in mind during the design process that can take soap packaging from good to great for customers. 

Here’s what you should be thinking about when it comes to soap packaging design:

  • Materials
  • Packaging styles
  • Protective elements
  • Branding capabilities

Choosing the Right Packaging Materials

The materials you use for soap packaging are a make or break.

For small-batch, artisanal soaps, your materials should be high-quality to ensure that customers have a memorable experience. 

Some soaps also feature oils and extracts that require materials designed to lock in scents and prevent staining. 

Consider what your brand stands for and how packaging materials can add to your brand. 

For example, you can include sustainable packaging materials such as recycled paper to reflect your brand’s commitment to sustainability or choose packaging materials that showcase how luxurious the product itself is.

Protecting Soap Products

Your soap packaging should be designed for maximum protection without sacrificing the look and feel. 

You want to ensure that customers receive a consistently excellent product every time they order from you. 

That means choosing packaging materials and designs that keep your product safe from damage – both from the elements (e.g., sun damage, winter damage) and when transported. 

Example of packaging materials
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For example, you don’t want soaps to arrive cracked and damaged, which may happen during the shipping process. 

But the right packaging will be crucial, as fully enclosed packaging for the soaps will aid in protecting them as they arrive to customers.

Soap Product Packaging Options

As the soap industry has grown and more businesses have entered the fore, packaging options have similarly evolved. 

There are many amazing soap packaging solutions out there that incorporate branding elements with protective features to create the best experience possible for customers. 

However, you should also evaluate options such as custom labels alongside the packaging option to create a cohesive brand experience for your soap products while still keeping them safe and sound. 

  1. Custom-printed boxes: As the name might suggest, custom-printed boxes are best if you really want to showcase a unique brand. With custom-printed boxes, there is flexibility to add both graphics and text, making it very versatile. You can make the box as detailed or simple as you want, and the box is more of a canvas for your brand. 
  1. Labeled boxes: If a custom print is not quite right for you, there is a middle ground with labeled boxes. These are plain boxes with your label affixed to them, making them a more affordable option. In addition, you can make the label distinctive and unique to make the box stand out while leaving the box itself plain or colored, depending on the type of label you choose. 
  1. Cutout boxes: You can use boxes with cutouts for soap products to give customers a little preview of what they are purchasing. Cutout boxes are an excellent choice if your soap has decorative elements such as flowers so that customers get to see the product before purchasing. In addition, you can customize the size and positioning of the cutout, giving you more control into what to show customers with the packaging. 
  1. Holster boxes: Holster boxes are a type of box where the top of the soap is visible, but the rest of the soap is covered. Holster boxes can be another suitable option for soap packaging if your soap has decorative elements or bright colors. 
  1. Sleeve: A soap sleeve is an affordable packaging option that can also be eco-friendly. Soap sleeves are usually made of cardboard or paper, and you can opt for recycled materials to make it a more sustainable packaging option. In addition, customization options are available for soap sleeves, including printing designs or affixing a label to make it fit with your brand aesthetic.
  1. Plastic, fabric, or paper wrapping: Another option to consider for soap packaging is wrapping them in paper or plastic. You can wrap the soap in a material of your choice and add a custom label to align with your branding. You can also choose different materials, such as colorful kraft paper or unique fabric, as a wrapping option to add a more unique touch without losing the protective element of soap packaging. 

Packaging soap can be a tricky endeavor because of the product’s fragility and potential to melt. By following these guidelines, you can package your soaps in a way that is both safe and eye-catching.

 Be sure to invest in quality custom soap packaging that will protect your products and allow you to brand them effectively. 

With the right packaging, you can confidently ship your handcrafted soaps anywhere in the world! 


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