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Pasta Packaging Boxes

Pasta Packaging Boxes

Yellow Takeout Box

Yellow Takeout Box

Custom Cupcake Box


Key Features

  • Top flap design that is ideal for display purposes
  • Soft cardboard protects delicate cakes
  • Spacious enough to accommodate complex frosting
  • Shops flat in order to increase amount
  • Comes with die slots that cup each cake delicately
Price on Request

Cup your Cakes in Boxes that won’t Break

If you are an avid baker then gourmet cupcakes must be in your repertoire as well right? With delicate and mouth watering frosting that takes all your skills to perfect, it would be a shame if they get damaged to salivating customers. Luckily Pak Factory also makes custom cupcake boxes that will not only keep your delicate delights as pristine as when you frost them, but act as fitting and attractive backdrops for the big reveal!

Add windows for maximum impact

Every baker knows that foodies first ‘eat’ with their eyes and this is especially true for decorated cupcakes. Pak Factory’s custom cupcake product boxes are designed to make your cupcakes a feast for the eyes, literally! For maximum impact we can also add a custom dye window on the top flap to make your cakes a true delight for anyone who sees them. Your sweets will shine through the transparent film that will be crystal clear for maximum exposure. On the other hand you can also choose to go windowless to increase the anticipation of the baked wonders your customers know they will love at first bite.

Intact Cupcakes during deliveries

Each comes equipped with die cut cupcake shaped slots that will keep them intact during deliveries or when your customers take them to their anticipating families. Plus with unique prints and messages for your custom cupcake product boxes, we can help you create a brand image around your cakes that will make them more appealing. In other words, we help you create an experience around your cupcakes that will captivate the attention of your target eaters.