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Customer Leather Boxes

The leather material has definitely made its mark in the luxury department. Used for mainly cosmetics, jewelry and gifts, leather boxes have become the choice for packaging expensive items. PakFactory's custom leather boxes provide both a durable and high-end option for your products fully customized in structure and printing. With the best price in the market, we can help you construct a custom leather box specifically for your product.

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Luxury at its Finest

Custom leather boxes are not only designed to create a functional and protective packaging for your expensive items but also create an impression that creates the most value for your products. These boxes are made meticulously according to product specification which makes it extra special and valuable to your customers. Our boxes communicate with customers in the most meaningful way.

Adding a brilliantly styled logo on the top of the box is very important, but seldom enough to add value to your amazing product. Give your product a chance at the spotlight which it rightly deserves. The boxes hold the product in place and the lid lift acts as a perfect backdrop to what seems like a pedestal for the contents inside. No packaging can create the same effect as a custom leather box does.

You can order the hinged flip lid rigid boxes starting from batch of 500. Our swift delivery service ensures the boxes reach your door in high quality.