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Custom Telescoping Boxes

Custom telescopic boxes from PakFactory are made from two detachable pieces which are made from only the sturdiest cardboard for extra strength. The main feature of this storage solution is the telescopic lid that slides on and off the separate bottom part. One end fits over the other and the custom design is double walled. Those who want a storage solution, as well as a display solution for their products, prefer to buy these.


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Custom Telescope Boxes straight from Pak Factory

This type of packaging box is called a telescope because of the way it is assembled. The top of the box ‘telescopes’ over the container which means that it fits partway at the bottom. The cover extends at least 2/3rds of the depth of the box itself making it an ideal packaging solution for fragile items. At Pak Factory we use die cut locks and strong adhesives to secure the two sections.

Damage free packaging

The two piece detachable telescope box is made from slotted rectangular blanks to ensure minimum waste and maximum benefits. The covers slide seamlessly over one another providing extra thickness at the sides as well as the end panels. This allows the compression more strength thus ensuring that products remain intact and safe from damage in transit and on shelves.

The design is simple enough. A full custom telescope box has flaps on the side and end panels rather than the top and the bottom. This is advantageous for those who are in search of stackable options for shipping products overseas. The flat bottom and top of our telescope boxes make them perfect for stacking end on end and the strong material will not get damaged either. It is also idea for suppliers that offer books, catalogs and other flat products that are susceptible to damage.

Simple Storage and Delivery Solutions

Pak Factory’s custom telescope packaging box makes storage simple and delivery simple and it starts from the delivery of the boxes themselves. Each is sent flat and can be assembled in minutes on arrival. Since they can be stacked on top of each other without getting bent out of shape, they can keep perishable items such as fresh fruits and vegetables damage free as well. The top of the box can be slid off easily if you need to check the product within and slid back into place without seeming as if it was tampered with.