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Grey Adapter Box

Grey Adapter Box

Rigid Magnetic Hinged Closure Speaker Box with Ribbon Handle

Rigid Magnetic Hinged Closure Speaker Box with Ribbon Handle

Device Accessory Box


Key Features

  • Simple & minimalist design to create a luxury appearance
  • Custom printing available with colors ranging from CMYK to Pantone colors
  • Standard structure but highly durable for different types of products
  • Made in compliance with the highest shipping standards
Price on Request

Sleek & Classy

Who said a device accessory box needs to just be practical, this classic Device Accessory Box is practical and stylish, offering you the best of both worlds. The sturdy build and premium quality materials that have been used in the manufacturing process of this box will ensure all your accessories stay neat, tidy and in their place. This accessory box is perfect when you have to ship out important accessories with your products, such as power cables, adaptors, etc. Our accessory box has been designed to last and that’s not all.

The Device Accessory Box can also be customized according to your specifications to give it a unique look and make the accessory box complement the brand. The box features an easy-to- open, locking lid, and can be stacked modularly for convenience. Our boxes are handy in many ways!