Double Wall Frame Tray & Lid

Key Features:

  • Double sided custom double wall frame tray and lid cardboard packaging
  • Features a simple tray and double wall frame tray
  • Comes in two pieces that comprise of the box and its lid
  • Lid is designed to slide off easily when it is unpacked
  • Durable sides and wall structure
Price on Request

All of PakFactory boxes are fully customizable in size and design

The double sided wall and tray in PakFactory’s custom printed double wall frame tray and lid cardboard boxes cannot be beat. The lid does not need any adhesive at all to remain in place, but will not provide resistance when your buyers slide it off to access your products. The box has ample space to accommodate electronics and is thick enough to withstand damage whether it is dropped or handled roughly.

Custom double wall frame tray and lid cardboard packaging is typically used to set premium products apart from their average counterparts, making it suitable for quality beauty products and cosmetics as well. Plus, like all boxes and packaging solutions from PakFactory, these are also shipped flat and just need to be folded into their actual shape.

This won’t take more than a couple of minutes. All you have to do is fold up the two side panels which are glued. Insert the dust flaps and then fold up the front panel along with the side panels to assemble. The lid can be assembled by folding up the flaps provided in front and by folding up the side panels. It’s that easy to assemble and if stored properly, will last for years! The wall panels are double walled while the short panel that comes with the lock tab provides an additional layer that can protect products against damage. Custom double wall frame tray and lid product boxes are relatively small in size, but provide adequate room for small scale electronics. In fact, if you get them personalized, you can use them as POP displays in conventions or during any marketing campaigns.

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