Drawer Paper Boxes

Key Features

  • Get durable, high end, and affordable drawer paper boxes in Pak Factory.
  • All drawer boxes feature a sliding lid with an end panel covering the open base to meet your storage needs.
  • Our drawer paper boxes are practical for personal use, office use, commercial use, and even as packaging for gifts.
  • Choose from different surface disposals like matte or glass lamination or varnish, gold or silver stamping, ultra violet (UV coating) and much more.
  • Completely customize the size, color and print on the drawer paper boxes to meet your specific requirements.
Price on Request

Wide Range of Applications

Drawer paper boxes are perhaps one of the most underutilized types of storage boxes available today. Not only do they offer great versatility, but are also lightweight and highly portable. In other words, drawer paper boxes are just what you need for storing your essential supplies and taking them just about anywhere and everywhere.

But that’s not all, as drawer paper boxes have a wide range of applications other than portable storage. For instance, they can be used as gift boxes for personal and business use. They can also be used as packaging for lightweight goods including candles, ties, gift cards and souvenirs among many others. In simple words, drawer paper boxes can be used in any way you like to great effect!

Portability and Aesthetics Simplified

At Pak Factory, we provide you with the best range of drawer paper boxes that can be customized to your requirements. Right from the size and design to printing and colors, our drawer boxes boast great flexibility when it comes to practical use.

Available in different surface disposals, you can now create a look to compliment the theme of your home, workplace, or the season if you use them as gift packaging. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the level of customizations, you can always get in touch with us for consultation. That way, you can assess the best materials and surface disposals for drawer paper boxes that can meet your needs. Also, there is no minimum or maximum limit to the number of drawer paper boxes that you can order!

Get in touch with us today & find out more about drawer paper boxes!

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