Full Overlap Seal End

Key Features:

  • Complete overlap seal end style
  • Glue required to seal after product placement
  • Top and bottom closure can remain free of adhesive without disengaging
  • Can support slightly heavier items such as food, cosmetics, medical instruments etc
Price on Request

All of PakFactory boxes are fully customizable in size and design

Even though most modern day buyers are influenced by online product reviews before they make a purchase, packaging also plays a huge role in their decision making. Personalized boxes such as PakFactory’s custom full overlap seal end product boxes and packaging are the ideal solution for businesses that are more than just their products. Designed keeping retail needs in mind, these packaging solutions have everything your brand needs to turn browsers into buyers.

Each custom full overlap seal end cardboard box is quite similar to the seal end style, but it needs to be sealed with glue after the product is placed in. However, the top and bottom closure panels can be closed without the need of adhesive making it ideal for delicate products such as tech, beauty products and much more. Custom full overlap seal end box packaging from PakFactory is typically assembled, filled and closed with official packaging equipment since it requires adhesive. In case of manual assembly all you have to do is fold in the dust flaps first, fold in the inner closure panels and then the outer ones by swinging them in from the front panel.

To ensure your products and brand receive the recognition they deserve, we urge you to have your custom full overlap seal end product boxes personalized to reflect your business. Add your brand colors, logos, design and snappy content to make your product packaging a true reflection of your brand ideals. The designers at PakFactory have extensive experience creating unique designs if you are stumped in that regard so give your marketing the oomph it needs by opting for custom full overlap seal end retail packaging that will be as cost effective as it is effective.

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