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Custom Square Cut Labels

Custom Square Cut Labels

Micro Electronic Blue Print Box

Micro Electronic Blue Print Box

Golf Ball Hanger Boxes


Key Features

  • Easy to hang boxes for convenient display
  • Specifically designed for rounder products
  • Custom printing to complement your brand
  • Can also be placed on flat shelves
  • Can be used for multiple balls
  • Liftable tabs on both sides
Price on Request

Convenient Display Option

Round products tend to be really difficult when it comes to packaging and storage. Pak Factory offers this highly ingenuous golf ball hanger boxes to make sure your product is safely stored and beautifully displayed with an ideal branding message on the box. The customized ball hanger boxes are made from durable material that is good enough to handle the weight of more than one golf ball, even when hanging vertically. The liftable tabs on both sides allow you to easily take the ball out while ensuring that the contents itself do not drop off, no matter how long the box has been hanging.

Catch Customer’s Attention

Well, to be honest, the chances of the box hanging for too long are slim as our high quality customized golf hanger boxes are capable of grabbing attention and making your product sell like hot cake. At Pak Factory, we make sure that your investment in printed golf ball hanger boxes adds value and power to your branding efforts. We offer high quality printing options that will include printing of logo, taglines, instruction, and any other text or graphic you want on the golf ball hanger boxes. Moreover, you can fully customize the size, color, finish of the product as well.

Adding More Value

At Pak Factory, we add more value by offering unique customized options such as perforation, embossing, foil stamping, and window patching to make your packaging stand out from the competition. We offer you the convenient of ordering online with completely customized specifications. No matter how big the order is, we make sure that your customized gold ball hanger boxes are delivered within fifteen days of the order being placed.