Iphone Screen Protector Packaging Boxes

Key Features

  • Slot hang tab to hang on double or single wire peg hooks
  • A separate envelope style case to place the screen protector safely inside
  • Can provide branding information on the front, sides, and back
  • Can change the colors, the size, and the coating
Price on Request

Offers Double Protection

Customers use screen protectors to protect the screen of their expensive iPhone. If you sell screen protectors, you have to find ways to preserve the screen protector from dust and other elements. Phone retailers looking for effective iPhone screen protector packaging boxes have come to the right place. Our iPhone screen protector box includes a packaging box within a box.

Your customers will be able to take out the glass protector from a slimmer box styled like an envelope with ease. This prevents the glass protector from sustaining any damage. If you offer your customers a delivery service, you can provide them with a shatterproof guarantee, as it will remain protected throughout its journey to your customer’s residence.

We Provide You with Quality and Options

Pak Factory understands the importance of branding your product using colors and images. We can provide you with different color, coating, and size options. You can request for additional processes such as foil stamping, perforation, and window patching as well. We would be happy to meet all your requirements. With confidence, we can say, our screen protector packaging boxes offer unmatched quality. If you are looking to purchase large quantities of iPhone screen protector packaging boxes at a cost-effective price, we are the company you want to call.

Timely Delivery

Phone retailers who want to start using iPhone screen protector packaging boxes to sell their glass screen protector can rely on us to deliver them their boxes in a timely manner. We will provide you with an estimated time and will notify you of a delay in advance. Place your order with us today!

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