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Screen Protector Packaging Boxes

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Cream Packaging Boxes

Kids Product Packaging Boxes


Key Features

  • Rectangular box design made of quality material with a simple flap structure.
  • Simple flap open and close design for secure product packaging
  • Solid box structure with matte or glossy exterior for printing of attractive product design
  • Box sides are ideal for printing of key instructions and product components
  • Box structure and shape designed for easy storing and shelf placement for exposure
Price on Request

Sharp Engaging Designs to Catch the Eye

When it comes to kids’ products, you need attractive packaging to grab the attention of your customer. We offer you the chance to order custom made kids’ product packaging boxes which will make your offerings a sure success!

You can experiment and play around with a variety of designs, colors, and themes, to get the packaging look you want! With Pak Factory you can add more style and color to your product packaging by choosing between printing styles of embossing, additional cut out, window patching and foil stamping. Use different options to get the look you want for your custom kids’ product packaging boxes.

Durable Packaging Structure for Product Storage

The packaging is of durable quality and designed for easy packing of the products. The simple yet secure flap open design is ideal for all types of products. Moreover, the shape and structure gives ideal storage for a variety of kids’ products, and the engaging front design and shape offers easy shelving in stores for maximum product exposure.

High Quality Product Material for Product Safety

High quality material is used for the packaging box, to make sure that the packed products are not spoiled or damaged. The box ensures secure packing from all sides and the thick material saves your goods from any seepage or dampness from the external environment.

If you want to place an order for a high quality kids product packaging box, then choose Pak Factory! There is a wide variety of design options to choose from and you can get high quality kids’ product packaging boxes made to your specific design and size measurements. So place your order now!