Long Product Container Box

Key Features

  • Corrugated material offers a durable option without adding weight
  • Suitable for light bulbs and items that require some cushion
  • It is an hygienic option for food as it cannot be reused
  • Corrugated boxes with logo are simple yet powerful option for branding
  • Boxes can be folded and stored safely
Price on Request

A Low Cost yet Highly Efficient Solution

There is a reason these type boxes are so popular in the world of structural packaging. The boxes are created in a manner that the material stays thick enough to protect what is inside, yet at the same time, it is flexible and lightweight. So, it is easily one of the smartest types of packaging option around. At Pak Factory, we bring you the highest quality container boxes with logo. A practical and feasible option for almost all kinds of product including auto-parts and light bulbs, our boxes can help you market your brand in the most impactful manner.

Our customization options range from sizes to colors and to more advanced modifications such as window patching and processing. To be honest, we can go as creative as you want.

Let Your Logo Stand Out

Our long product container box with logo will help your brand image and message stand out and capture attention. We are very particular about the printing quality as it is one of the parameters your customers will judge your brand on. As a business, we understand the importance of logo, and we can help you find the appropriate placement and sizing to make sure it looks the best.

The logo on your boxes can be enhanced through embossing, debossing, or foil stamping if desired. Despite all these additional processes, this option will still remain a highly cost effective option.

Pak Factory is trusted for unmatched quality of product as well as service. If you want the best of your business, place your order now. For queries, get in touch with our customer service team.

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