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Evergreen Pillow Soap Box

Evergreen Pillow Soap Box

Corrugated Burger Boxes with Window

Corrugated Burger Boxes with Window

Matte Lamination Cake Box with Handle


Key Features

  • Comes with die cut handles to make carrying the box easier
  • Diet cut windows can be added to expose cakes inside
  • Made from flexible paperboard to accommodate different types of cakes and pastries.
  • Features glued flaps in the side so that products can be extracted from the side
  • Shipped flat but can be popped into shape in seconds.
  • Matte lamination for maximum impact.
Price on Request

Innovative and Useful Design

Frosted cakes look amazing and taste delicious, but if that delicate icing is damaged or compromised, it will affect the way customers perceive its taste. Pak Factory’s matte lamination cake box with handle is designed to ensure this does not happen. Boasting two diet cut handles on the top middle portion of the lid, these boxes can be carried around without jostling the delicate treats inside. The gaps left by the handles when they are lifted offer a tantalizing look at the frosted peaks inside.

The printed matte lamination cake box with handle comes with side flaps which are glued together and can be pried open. The matte lamination adds an extra attractive finishing touch but we can also add more designs and graphics as per your needs. We typically use CMYK offset printing for our packaging solutions to ensure the content comes out crisp.

Customizable to a Fault

Besides lamination, we also offer matte and gloss UV and AQ coating and we can design the custom printed matte lamination cake box with handle according to any dimensions, size, color scheme etc you need. If you wish to use them for cupcakes we can add die inserts shaped according to those treats into the flexible paperboard box itself.

If you are unsure of what you need, we can send over a sample of your completely customized box. We can send as many as you need and each will be shipped flat to ensure they do not get damaged.

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