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Teal Sewing Kit Sleeve

Teal Sewing Kit Sleeve

Press Kit Box With Handle

Press Kit Box With Handle

Origami Box Kit Sleeve


Key Features

  • Eye-catching design and vibrant images on an enticing backdrop of colored packaging material
  • High-quality material to make your products outshine
  • Shields the boxes containing origami products inside the box
  • Fully customizable in style and style
Price on Request

A Packaging Fit for an Ingenious Activating Origami Set

Origami boxes make up unique presents and gift items but in order to make your products absolutely stunning, you need a packaging that will enhance the appearance. This origami box kit sleeve is perfect for instruction boxes that teach people to make nifty products. Pak Factory delivers high-quality packing that is bound to enhance the beauty of the boxes as well as ensure that the products remain secure.

The best part about this sleeve is that it can, beautifully, encase the products for engineered origami sets. The vibrant colors of the sleeve with printed images of the items enclosed in the box and instructions about origami products will make your product compellingly artistic. Enhance the beauty of the reusable components of an activated origami set by choosing this sleeve. Pak Factory doesn’t compromise on quality so you can be sure that your products will withstand the robust storage requirements!

Customization like Never Before

PakFactory delivers customized products. There is nothing like a well cut, well-designed and striking print for the packaging of your products. The sleeve will breathe life into the enclosed electronic parts and origami gadgets. Simply mention all of your specifications related to the product, dimensions, and size and leave the personalization to us. Place your order now!