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Thin Chocolate Yellow Printed Box with Back Closure

Thin Chocolate Yellow Printed Box with Back Closure

Sweets Holiday Box

Sweets Holiday Box

Pillow Caramel Box


Key Features

  • Made from high quality materials and available in corrugated cardboard
  • Can bear wear and tear with ease, making it perfect for reuse
  • Made in compliance with the highest shipping standards
  • Is available in multiple sizes to accommodate different products
  • High quality printing is available for printing of logo and graphic designs
  • Custom printing is available with colors ranging from the CMYK and the Pantone color spectrums
Price on Request

Sophisticated Choice for Your Confectioneries

It’s time you gifted delicious treats and other items in our beautiful pillow structures. What makes our Pillow Caramel Boxes special is that they can be easily customized according to your requirements. Use a photo to add a personal touch when using these boxes for weddings, birthday, and anniversary parties.

The Pillow Caramel Box is perfect for birthdays and wedding parties and also have enough space so you can add your own text as well to send a special message or wish to the recipient of the box and its contents. For Easter, you can choose our sturdy Pillow Caramel Box to show off all the tasty treats inside. Our boxes are just the right size and are highly durable.