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Salad Packaging Boxes with Window

Salad Packaging Boxes with Window

Brown Takeout Gable

Brown Takeout Gable

Promotional Carrier Boxes for Fundraising


Key Features

  • Cut-out handle on the top for easy handling
  • Designed like a basket for easy carrying
  • Handy size and shape
  • Unique design with 4 sides for promotional messages
  • Wide range of materials to choose from
  • Unlimited customization options
Price on Request

Carry Our Promotional Carrier Boxes for Fundraising without Any Hassle

At Pak Factory, we are offering highly appealing and creatively designed custom promotional carrier boxes. The most highlighted feature of these custom carrier boxes for fundraising is the cut-out handle on the top. This handle makes it easy for everyone to carry these boxes around without any trouble.

Furthermore, the size and shape of these promotional carrier boxes for fundraising is unique, making them much more appealing. The design of these boxes makes them highly attractive, which is the reason they are made specifically for fundraising promotion.

Customize Our Fundraising Promotional Carrier Boxes Without Limitations

If you want a unique design for your custom promotional carrier boxes, then you have landed on the right page. At Pak Factory, we offer unlimited customization options to customers looking for highly enticing promotional carriers to collect massive cash for a good cause.

We give our customers complete freedom to change the way these carrier boxes look. By choosing your desired colors, coating, materials, pattern, etc, you can turn your boxes into incredible selling items that will entice your audience, allowing you to collect money for fundraiser.

The box offers 4 surfaces for promotion. So, choose the message and design you want printed on these carrier boxes, and let us handle the rest. We make use of fine materials and printing techniques to maintain quality of our boxes, living up to the promise we have made to our customers.

Order your promotional carrier boxes for fundraiser from Pak Factory and achieve your fundraiser milestone without any tourbles!