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Luxe Boxes with Ribbon

One of the most wonderful thing about giving a gift or creating a decorative packaging is the extra effort and style that is put into it and adding ribbons is a good way to create that striking impression WIth PakFactory, you can choose from our examples of boxes with ribbon additions and get ideas on how you can incorporate it into your own vision.

To learn more about how you can customize and design your ribbon boxes, feel free to speak to one of our packaging experts and receive a one-on-one consultation!


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Set Descending Direction

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Functional & Attractive Boxes with Ribbon

Boxes with ribbon is the best option for giving gifts or packaging specialty items. It can enhance any standard structure and elevate more character into the packaging. Ribbon boxes come in plenty of different styles and patterns making it easy for customers to pick and choose which one best fits their brand.

Long Lasting Boxes

Due to its rigid material, these type of boxes can withstand a long period of time. Many boxes with ribbon are also collapsible which makes it easier to store for future uses.

Fully Custom Shape and Size

What makes PakFactory's boxes even more special is our ability to customize your boxes specifically according to your product. Our packaging specialist can recommend the best structure and options to help create value for your products and create trust among your customers.

PakFactory is all about getting the best quality packaging boxes for you. Order now and benefit from the swift delivery service. All you have to do is pick the specific box type, and wait for the product to be delivered to your doorstep.