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School Kit Box

School Kit Box

Screen Protector Packaging Boxes


Key Features

  • Hard package cover
  • Die cut hanging tabs packaging design
  • Printed exterior with shiny lamination to highlight all product specifications and details
  • Hard cover box packaging for preserving quality of the packed screen protector
  • Easy flap design for fast packing of the product
Price on Request

Durable Protector Packaging

The screen protector packaging box has been designed with a durable exterior and a sturdy frame to ensure easy storing and shelf placement of the product without any risk of damage. Variety of Design Options to Choose From!

These screen protector packaging boxes can be ordered in a variety of size and design options, to suit your brand and make your product unique in the market. From color specifications to other design processes, you can experiment to find the perfect product packaging design.

Choose design options for your custom screen protector packaging boxes and select between a window patching choice to debossing and foil stamping ideas. Additional cut outs and perforation are some other design options you can play around with to give your product package the unique look you want!

Coating and Laminated Design Options to Select From

At Pak Factory, we also offer comprehensive customization services that can make any product and packaging shine. Just send us your designs, colors and product specifications and we will emboss it on your boxes. We only use top of the line technology and quality ink to create our graphics so you can rest assured that your corrugated electronics packaging box packaging design will remain on point.

Improve your Branding

Along with the basic design details, you can also choose the form of external coating for the box cover, along with the type of lamination you want for the box. Choose from a matte or glossy coating, to give your box the brand packaging it needs to stand out in the market.

Pak Factory offers a variety of designs to choose from to suit your perfect product packaging needs. All screen protector packaging boxes are available in a custom design at great and affordable price options. You can get custom packages delivered to your premises and have an effective opportunity to make your product stand out as a brand!