Side Lock Cake Box

Key Features:

  • Easy shipment and storage
  • Best for keeping delicate bakery items such as cakes secure and damage free
  • Gentle on frosting
  • Can be sealed shut without glue
  • Shipped flat and can be assembled easily
Price on Request

All of PakFactory boxes are fully customizable in size and design

Nothing is more heartbreaking to a baker than ruined frosting or a destroyed cake that took hours of sweat and toil to make! You will never have to go through that again if you get our custom side lock cake packaging boxes. Each comes with four locking tabs that can be tucked into four slots in the sides to seal any confectionary completely. Three tuck in tabs are also present that are designed to go into the tray, so you won’t need to add any tape or adhesive to keep your scrumptious creations safe from harm.

Designed specifically for bakeries or home bakers who love to make and sell cakes, muffins, cupcakes etc, custom side lock cake printed boxes are simple four corner boxes, but don’t let their simple look fool you. As the name implies, these are designed specifically for cakes that need to be delivered or transported long distances. If you really want to make a great impression with customers and showoff the style and creativity of your masterpieces, you can have a window added to your custom side lock cake packaging box as well.

No more bothersome packaging boxes for you! Just choose our custom side lock cake product boxes which are as easy to assemble and store as they are strong. Each comes with built-in support for cakes and can be moved around easily without damaging the precious items inside. An insert box limits the movement of the cakes and baked items inside and thus protects them from getting ruined during transportation. The boxes can be folded down to a flat position for easy storage when they are not in use so order them in bulk today from PakFactory.

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