Tuck End Auto Bottom

Key Features:

  • Auto locked bottom that comes pre glued
  • Custom printed tuck end auto bottom boxes that can be assembled quickly by machine and by hand.
  • A sturdy bottom that can keep heavy products stable and secure on the shelf and off.
  • Save transport and warehouse costs by ordering your batch flat.
  • Flat box can be popped back into shape in seconds.
  • Comes with friction fit or shore locks for maximum security
Price on Request

All of PakFactory boxes are fully customizable in size and design

Perhaps nothing is more important to a retailer or business owner than packaging solutions that are as durable as they are attractive. If you are in search of customizable and quality boxing options for tech, CDs, cosmetics or even delicate delicacies, custom retail tuck end auto bottom boxes from PakFactory will fit the bill. Also referred to as TTAB boxes, these are quite popular with retailers and each is made with a pre-glued bottom that is as spacious as it is durable.

Besides auto locking capabilities, it can also be made with a single layered paperboard, making it ideal for takeout. Additionally, this variety can also be made from corrugated board to serve as cartons for heavy duty products. If your production is dependent on a fast assembly line and you are searching for easy-to-assemble custom retail tuck end auto bottom boxes, then the ones from PakFactory will not disappoint. That’s because each unit comes with a pre-glued bottom for easy assembly, which can also be done fast by hand.

Even though these cost a bit more than our snap bottom variety, they will end up paying for themselves in the long run. Have yours customized with your logo and brand colors to reels in customers through your window display! Furthermore, like all of our packaging solutions, our custom tuck end auto bottom box packaging can be shipped flat during transport to ensure each remains in pristine condition and to reduce packaging volume. The boxes come with either shore locks or a friction fit to ensure each can be sealed seamlessly once assembled. The friction position is capable of holding the top flap in place once it is inserted. These boxes are typically ideal for light products such as medical supplies, custom food boxes, medication etc.

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