Tuck End Sleeve

Key Features:

  • Top panel lock with sleeve opening at the bottom
  • Tuck in tab included
  • Perfect for packaging trays and additional protection for CDs, food, cosmetics etc
  • Extended top and bottom flaps held in place by friction lock
Price on Request

All of PakFactory boxes are fully customizable in size and design

When it comes to sustainable packaging solutions, design is as important as branding and graphics. This was the concept behind PakFactory’s custom printed tuck end cover packaging solution. This is a tuck end box that does not have a bottom closure so products can be slipped in seamlessly. The top panel comes with a friction lock along with a tuck in tab that can secure delicate and a bit heftier items without disengaging.

The style is designed as a tray cover and can be used as extra packaging over a box for additional protection. Custom tuck end cover cardboard boxes from PakFactory can either be Reverse or Straight End Tucks based on your needs. Additionally, you can also choose to have friction fit or shore locks for a more secure closure for your products. If your business deals in software or tech products, then the custom tuck end cover packaging box will suit your needs.

Like all of the customizable boxes and packaging solutions at PakFactory, this one can be made to order as well. For instance, if you want more windows or a custom die cut for your custom tuck end cover product boxes, we can accommodate your needs without a sweat. This includes adding your brand message and design to make this packaging solution a sight for sore eyes. The box has ample space to accommodate almost any design requirement and can be assembled manually with ease. In other words, there is nothing ordinary about the boxes we have here at PakFactory! Our representatives are always at hand to answer any questions you may have regarding them so don’t wait before contacting us.

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