Customer loyalty is paramount when it comes to businesses and their brands. It is easier to sell products to repeat customers than to new prospects.

So because of this, businesses are always looking for methods to differentiate their brand from others. 

Some of these methods may include stellar customer service, offering high-quality products or offering eco-friendly options.

But today, we will focus on a specific, versatile way to win over your customers’ loyalty: box inserts.

Not only do box inserts add to the unboxing experience, it also allows a business to communicate with its customers. 

And with the ability to customize and decide what you put inside your box, businesses can choose the precise message they wish to convey.

In this post, we will look at seven ideas for box inserts that will help increase customer loyalty to your brand, but first, why is customer loyalty important?

Retain vs Gain

Before we delve into box insert ideas, let’s discuss why retaining your customers and maintaining their loyalty to your brand is crucial.

Yes, gaining customers is equally important, but retaining customers ensures a healthy and stable business.

For starters, finding and attracting new customers is five to 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones.

On top of that, the probability of selling to newer customers is only about 5-20 percent compared to 60-70 percent with existing customers. 

Add the above percentages with research that suggests a 5 percent increase in customer retention leads to at least a 25 percent increase in profits. You can see why it is essential to retain the customers you already have.

So with customer retention in mind, it’s time to examine the unboxing experience and look at seven box insert ideas to help increase customer loyalty.

A Better Unboxing Experience with Inserts

We all get excited when opening gifts. It is natural to feel emotions such as anticipation, surprise, and love; the same should apply to opening a brand’s package.

The key to customer loyalty is to tap into their needs and emotions with every package you deliver, so turning each box into a personal gift is the perfect way to build customer trust and appreciation.

But what is a gift without a gift card?

For this purpose, the box insert is your gift card! 

Custom box inserts are the perfect conduit to personalize your brand and make your customers feel appreciated and respected.

However, you can’t just throw anything in your package and call it a day. Thought must be put into who your customers are and what they need.

example of foam box insert
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To help you decide, below are seven box insert ideas to get you started.

Personalized Thank You Notes

Starting with the most personal insert, handwritten thank you notes add an intimate touch that can bring you closer to your customers.

Ideal for smaller businesses, personalized notes are the perfect way to begin building a loyal customer base, so consider using a high-quality card, addressing the customer by their first name and being specific about the item they purchased.

Reviews, Shares and Engagement Requests

To add to a personalized thank you note, consider including a request or reminder to review, share and post the products they received.\

This shows that you care about customer feedback and endeavor to improve should something be wrong with your product.

Word of mouth generates between 10-50 percent of purchases, so what better way to retain your customers and gain new ones than if you have many positive reviews and posts about how good of a product you have to offer?

Product Offers & Suggested Items

Speaking of products you offer, another great idea could be to include a card showcasing upcoming products or related products that your customer had purchased.

Consumers are accustomed to seeing recommended items in online shopping stores, so why not recreate that physically?

Use your custom box inserts to introduce your customers to more of your wonderful products and increase the likelihood that they will return to purchase more products!

Discounts and Coupons

To sweeten the deal more, you can even offer coupons or discounts.

Consider offering free shipping on their next order, a percent discount, or possibly including two coupons so the customer can give one to a friend or family member, further increasing your brand’s reach.

Customers appreciate a good deal, so a great way to ensure repeat business is to offer discounts and coupons on a customer’s next purchase.


Box inserts don’t even have to be limited to just cards. Offering a free sample alongside their purchase is an incredibly effective way to show appreciation to the customer and increase their chance of buying the sample product.

Including a sample with your package allows customers to try it risk-free and share it with friends and family.

And like the product offers and suggested items insert, consider offering samples of products that relate to a customer’s purchase or even upcoming products to create anticipation for when the product releases!

Small Gifts and Tokens

Alternatively, you can include small gifts alongside your custom inserts for the customer. 

Unlike a sample that further promotes and sells products to a customer, gifts are small tokens of appreciation for a customer that don’t necessarily push more products.

Inexpensive tokens like keychains or stickers can significantly increase a customer’s loyalty to your brand without breaking the bank.

Return Forms and Shipping Labels

Even including an easy way for customers to return a faulty item can increase their loyalty toward your business.

Promotional inserts
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Accidents do happen. This is unavoidable when shipping products to customers.

Nobody likes it when they receive a damaged product, But making the return process more accessible will be greatly appreciated.

Brand Appreciation

Ultimately, no matter what type of box insert you decide to include inside the package sent to your customer, giving them a little extra will always go a long way in increasing their loyalty and appreciation of your brand.

When customers order something online, they expect the product and nothing more. 

When you exceed their expectation with unexpected but welcome surprises, this will always be a positive for your brand image.

Small gestures of respect and appreciation toward your customer will be noticed, and box inserts are the perfect starting point.


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