When considering the different packaging types like cartons and plastic boxes, nothing is associated with premium luxury more than metal tin containers.

With its natural heft and beautiful, intricate designs on the exterior, it can be understandable why we associate these metal tin containers with luxury; they’re indeed aesthetically pleasing.

But are these metal tin containers really that special?

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Let’s dive in and examine the pros and cons of using a metal tin container for your product.

The Case for Metal Tin Containers

The first pro for metal tin containers is that they are stylish and original. As touched upon earlier, tin boxes are eye-catching to consumers.

Metal materials have excellent printing performance allowing for brighter and more beautiful designs.

They can even be embossed or debossed, offering a unique tactile feel.

Metal tin containers also come in various sizes and dimensions, allowing for different sealing and treatment methods to make them versatile when considering how to package your product.

The natural strength of metal also helps protect against physical damage too!

And because of this versatility and durability, metal tin containers offer excellent protection against contaminants like moisture, light, and gases. 

If you’re selling perishables like coffee or tea, this packaging perfectly preserves the product and helps keep the odor, color, and smell for extended periods.

Finally, metal tin containers are reusable!

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They are reusable in the fact that they can be recycled and returned to the production cycle without the loss of quality. However, this only makes tin cans a replenishable resource if utilizing proper recycling methods.

The Case Against Metal Tin Containers

This brings us to the cons of using metal tin containers.

Not only are metal tins an exhaustible resource, but many tin containers also end up being discarded instead of recycled and reused.

In addition, the advanced manufacturing needed for metal tin containers is not eco-friendly. 

The requirement to mine the ore and smelt the metal causes significant pollution.

Production of metal tin containers is also more expensive than other alternatives. 

Add this with the rigidity and heft of metal causes shipping and storage costs to be significantly more costly than lighter-weight alternatives.

Metal is also easily scratched and prone to rusting. Once the container is dented or corroded, the products risk exposure to moisture and air.

Should You Use Metal Tin Containers?

This packaging option is expensive and not eco-friendly, considering the advanced manufacturing required.

Metal tin containers are still a viable method to consider when deciding how to package your product. 

However, one must be wary of how the containers are handled and their additional environmental impact if they are not recycled and reused correctly.

Though metal containers give your products a luxurious look appealing to consumers, are very durable, and can preserve your perishables excellently, you must weigh your options carefully.

Discuss your packaging options and eco-friendly alternatives with a packaging expert! 


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