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Tilt Hydrometer: Repackaging Success

Tilt hydrometer is “a free-floating digital hydrometer and thermometer for continuous real-time monitoring designed for home brewing”. It is compatible with smartphones, tablet and most devices with Bluetooth 4.0+.

Their mission is to essentially help homebrewers brew better beer by allowing you to check the temperature and gravity while fermentation, making it easy to monitor your progress.

What was your biggest achievement as a company?

Our biggest achievement came when we finally had produced a product to ship. After years of development and many failed attempts, including a failed Kickstarter, we finally produced a working product that at the time we called a “Brewometer”.

Within four hours of offering our product for sale online at we had our first sale and first customer.

We were ecstatic since this was a culmination of 3 years spending nights and weekends on developing the technology for this device.

Of course, it was for home brewing so there were some happy nights and weekends, but there were definitely times when making the product on our own, without outside funding, technology, or investment, was all but impossible.

Time was running out, money was running out, enthusiasm was running out. In our last gasp, we made it happen it was a true test of strength.

The Challenge

Prior to reaching out to PakFactory, Tilt developed their own “homebrewed” packaging.

It was a standard corrugated box with a pick and pull foam insert and a printed paper sleeve that we used double-sided tape to seal.

Unfortunately, a lot of the options didn’t have a good preview of the final product. Tilt had to purchase 5,000 units sight unseen. All of this was not going to work and they had other things to throw $10,000 at.

It was great for the time, but they knew that eventually an upgrade was needed. With so many choices and cost options we didn’t know where to start, that’s where PakFactory came in!

The communication with the product specialist was excellent and we were able to get our packaging designed, prototype built and produced within our target ship date.

Noah Neibaron, CEO & Co-Inventor
Black custom folding carton for Tilt Hydrometer.

The Solution

Based on the weight, product specification and nature of the product, folding carton was the recommended product by our packaging specialist (for the main packaging box and the insert).

Dimensions were also tweaked by our designer to keep the box cost-effective but still maintain the project objective of the Tilt.

The structural design for the insert was crafted by one of PakFactory’s fine engineers to fit the product at hand. With the help of Jessica Schiever’s (from Schiever Creative) fantastic packaging design, Tilt was able to produce a product packaging that completely demonstrates their brand and the value of their product.

I received valuable advice that was both design and cost-conscious helping us match where we were with our product.

Noah Neibaron, CEO & Co-Inventor
The finished custom folding carton product for the Tilt Hydrometer.

The Results

The packaging for their next generation product (Tilt 2.0) has had huge success with 2X the sales since their launch in October 2017.

Since their new repackaging, they’ve received plenty of positive feedback from new and current customers. 

PakFactory saved the day by first having a great website with all the different packaging designed detailed with 3D drawings. We could actually get a fairly good idea of what we would get as a final product before even before committing to a quote.

Noah Neibaron, CEO & Co-Inventor
A side view for the finished custom folding carton product for the Tilt Hydrometer.
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