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Tills Taste: A Journey Filled with Mixtured Spices

This 6-year-old boy from Switzerland always knew his future was going to be related to food.

Building from his inspiration and passion Till,  founder of Till’s Tastes, never stopped until his vision was achieved and kept pushing through boundaries while continuing to keep learning about his art and talent for food.

This drive lead him to develop his own line of food seasoning mixes and rubs, and eventually, a packaging that caught people’s attention.

We spoke to Till briefly and told us a brief background of his journey.

Where did the idea or concept come from for your business? What inspired you to create these products?

I have always been into food and cooking. The cooking gene was inherited from my mom and my grandmother and I loved spending time in the kitchen with them and learning.

Later as a teenager, I wanted to become a chef which ultimately translated into attending hotel school in Zurich, Switzerland where I received my formal culinary training.

About 15 years ago I was reading a cooking magazine article about barbecue rubs. I looked at the recipe and thought I can do better than that.

After some mixing and tinkering in the kitchen, I came up with my own barbecue rub. At that point, I had no intentions of turning my rub into a business but soon friends got to taste it and everybody loved it.

I can’t tell you how many times people told me that I should market my rub. I always found an excuse not to do it but people kept pushing me to turn it into a business.

Last year, finally all the pieces fell into place and Till’s Tastes LLC was born.

The Challenge

Till never had the intention of turning his creation into a business but when the positive feedbacks collectively started to come in, he knew there was a big opportunity in this business.

Now that he has established his product line across his community, it was time to elevate his brand even further through packaging.

Pakfactory understands that there can be some limitation especially with the cost in fully customizing your first packaging but it never stops them from solving a problem!

Till needed a cost-effective auto-bottom paperboard box with full-colour printing.

PakFactory made the packaging process super easy and provided a cost-effective solution for my objective

Till Grob, Founder
A custom paperboard box by Till.

The Solution

Based on PakFactory’s sampling stage and constant communication with Till, the project was able to move forward with certainty.

Two samples were sent to Till to make an evaluation on which type of box fit his project objective, one box with AQ semi-gloss coating and the other with matte lamination.

From physically interacting with the samples, Till was able to determine which box suited his branding goal and decided to go with the sleek lamination coating.

The final specifications was an 18 PT paperboard auto-bottom box, Full Color CMYK with Matte Laminate.

I just returned from the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco and the majority of the customers made positive comments on how great our packaging and designs are

Till Grob, Founder

The Results

Cost saving & visually appealing making them a hit during the food show

PakFactory’s ability to make it easy for Till to produce his packaging made it possible for him to focus on other business activities.

The project successfully boosted the product line and made his brand unique among its competitors.

High engagement and tons of feedback on the packaging which resulted in increased revenue for the company’s products.

The final product is perfect and exactly what we were looking for. I have and continue to recommended your company to other vendors at various shows and markets!

Till Grob, Founder
The contents of the custom paperboard package by Till.
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