Tideline Coffee is helping the world, one coffee mug at a time. They value sustainability and waste prevention to create a healthier environment for the people, and for the beautiful creatures that reside in the depths of the ocean. This theme of nature and presenting natural quality runs through their whole brand, from sourcing their coffee from sustainable farms to giving 10% of its profits to ocean cleaning initiatives.

tideline on coffee beans

They want to show these green initiatives by expressing it through custom packaging as well. They reached out to PakFactory for assistance, and we were excited to collaborate with them.

The Challenge

Tideline Coffee was looking for packaging that represents their company values and initiatives. They knew that they wanted an environmentally-friendly and compostable packaging design that reduces unnecessary waste. 

They had a tight timeline, however, Tideline still requested to review the materials and receive sample boxes of their packaging before mass production. Sometimes the processing time for this can vary but our product specialist is always ready to plan a thorough process to fulfill the project while satisfying Tideline’s needs.

The Solution

Tideline Coffee was straightforward with their vision, they knew exactly how they wanted to tackle their personalized packaging. Sometimes customers have a general idea of what they want while others don’t know where to start. No matter what stage you’re at, our specialists can always pick up where you left off. In this case, the process went smoothly in terms of finding the right structural design and materials. 

kraft sustainable paperboard material library

PakFactory has a variety of kraft and eco-friendly products, making it easy to find a box design that Tideline Coffee would be happy with. They selected a box style with kraft packaging material. They asked us about water-based inks, and we were able to source water-safe vegetable inks for them. 

Tideline requested a sample before their packaging moved on to mass production. A sample is a physical example of what your packaging will look like once it’s made. It uses your specific box dimensions, chosen material, and artwork (optional depending on the type of sample). The sampling process can take an average of 12-18 days to 2-3 months depending on how fast the artwork preparation. In this case, Tideline received their samples within a week. It was a swift process because they had already prepared artwork for the dieline.

close up image of tideline coffee box inside

A minor challenge for this sampling involves the ink and the packaging material. Sometimes it can be difficult to print on kraft because of its potential to cause ink bleeding. To solve this issue, it takes some trial and error to find the right ink consistency and material texture so that the ink will not spread or sink through the kraft. We took the time to ensure that the printing was up to our standards.

After the sample is approved, Tideline Coffee’s packaging moved on to the production stage. Once the packaging was produced, it was shipped by air. Typically, air express shipping would be very costly, however, during the time of this project, the shipping prices were quite reasonable. Additionally, Tideline’s packaging was small and light so shipping by air was a good choice, especially for their tight deadline.

The Result

tideline coffee and beans on water

Tideline Coffee now has a simple and effective packaging solution with 4 different artworks (for the 4 different coffee flavors) They are now able to showcase the amazing green initiatives and reach a broader audience that also shares the same passion for reducing waste.

If you are looking for quality products that also support organizations that keep our oceans clean, browse through their coffee options and see which one appeals to your taste buds!


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