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Custom Toy Packaging Boxes

Nothing is more satisfying to a child (and some adults) than a trip down to the toy store. Just looking at shiny new toys brings a spring in their step so it would be a good idea to ensure they packaging the toy packaging is as mesmerizing. The toy box packaging at PakFactory can be designed into any shape and size you need and that includes the brand colors that make your business stand out. We offer custom toy packaging for puzzles, action figures, dolls and other toys that can benefit from versatile packaging solutions.

Some popular styles available for your toy packaging boxes include:

Bag Shaped Boxes | Kraft Hanger Boxes with Window | Gable Boxes | Cardboard Box with Window Lid | Pillow Boxes | Kraft Box with Handle and much more!


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Durable Corrugated Cardboard

When it comes to display appeal, the right boxing options can mean the difference between a sales and an unsatisfied customer. Our custom toy packaging solutions are made from durable folding carton & corrugated cardboard that can stand the test of time and ensure your precious toys remain dust free on shelves. The sophisticated material can support a wide range of weights and protect merchandise against moisture that can ruin it.

These cartons can be made to carry almost any kind of toy and recycling them is easy as well. All in all, our custom made toy boxes are cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions that can take your toy brand to the next level.

Complete Customization

When it comes to custom toy packaging boxes, one size does not fit all and that includes the brand message you wish to send your target customers. At PakFactory we understand this better than most and will work with you to come up with a design that can make your products the talk of the town. From adding colors that can make a particular toy pop to adding dimensions that can make them fit snugly without slipping from their casing, you can count on us to ensure you receive the best custom toy box solutions.