Candle businesses are an amazing way to express your creativity while providing a valuable product to customers. 

There is so much passion and artistry behind candle making, and the candle packaging chosen should reflect that. 

The candle business has seen steady growth over the last five years, with many running successful businesses around scented candles, diffusers, and other home products. 

With so many shapes, sizes and candle types to choose from, candles can be a challenging product to package successfully. 

Growing a candle business is about creating quality products and ensuring they are packed and delivered to customers in the most convenient and safe way possible. 

You want customers to feel like they have purchased an indulgent treat for themselves, and packaging is one of the best ways to convey that feeling. 

Example of candle packaging
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Luxurious packaging crucial first impression on customers that complements not only the product but the branding too. 

The right packaging can be a stepping stone to creating customer loyalty for your business.

We’ll explore the role of boxes and other types of unique candle packaging that you should consider when developing your products. 

When designing packaging for candles, there are various elements that you need to consider to create a cohesive experience for customers. 

  • Size
  • Candle type
  • Branding 
  • Logistics

Let’s look at this in a little more detail: 

Types of Candle Products

There are many different types of candles, which means that packaging needs to be tailored to their specific dimensions and take the elements of the product into consideration. 

  1. Pillar candle: Pillar candles are meant to be a basic and functional type of candle, but your packaging does not have to be. Consider using materials such as custom-printed kraft paperboard and feature unique branding elements to make them stand out. 
  1. Aromatherapy candles: Candles with specific aromas and oils must be packaged to preserve the aroma and avoid oil stains to ensure all elements of the candle remain intact, consider using interior coatings to protect the exterior look of your packaging.
  1. Decorative candles: Decorative candles are usually bought as gifts, so the packaging should reflect that. You can create artistic and beautiful packaging using custom gift boxes tailored to your branding to deliver an impactful unboxing experience.
  1. Tealight candles: Tealights are small and cute items usually packaged as a bundle. Take paperboard boxes to the next level with window patching and let your product speak for itself. Additionally, you can add more value to your tealight boxes with custom box inserts to keep your products in place for displaying.   

Benefits of Custom Candle Packaging

There are many benefits to having beautiful, eye-catching, and functional candle packaging. 

Packaging can be a suitable investment that will yield great returns for your candle business, and here are some reasons to consider when thinking about candle packaging. 

Example of luxury candle packaging
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  1. Brand loyalty: Great packaging is a way to influence a positive brand perception while building brand loyalty. Packaging sets you apart from the competitors on the shelf and during the shopping process, so putting your best foot forward is crucial. In addition, you can use packaging to showcase your brand and what makes it special. 
  1. Protection: The right materials and construction ensure that your products are safe and protected as they are transported to retail stores and homes worldwide. You don’t want to worry about products being damaged on their way to customers, but with the proper packaging, sizing, and materials, you won’t need to worry at all. 
  1. Safety: Packaging keeps your candle safe from the elements and ensures that customers get the most out of their purchase. Extreme temperatures like heat and cold can lead to candles being damaged or may dull the scents. But packaging keeps your products safe and locks in any aromas to ensure customers get the best experience possible when using the products. 

Elements for Candle Packaging

So now that we have explored the different options available depending on the candle product being sold. 

Now it’s time to consider the design and how to make the strongest first impression with customers from the get-go. 

  1. Type of product: Consumers gravitate toward clear and concise information, they like to know exactly what they are purchasing. Layout what your product is, the purpose, and the benefits to catch the attention of potential customers. 
  1. Product name: Include the product’s unique name to build brand character. Naming candles is a unique way to communicate the scent of your candle and the feelings it is supposed to emulate. It also adds to the branding of a single product.
  1. Brand and logo: Showcasing your branding and logo is imperative to ensure you are differentiating yourself from competitors. The candle industry operates in a competitive market, so it’s important to really stand out on the shelf and create a cohesive feel behind your branding. 
  1. Ingredient and product information: Depending on where you are distributing your candle products, you may want to include more or less information. However, with current consumer behaviors, being transparent builds brand credibility and ensures customers are well-informed about not only your product but your business as well. Information can include quantity, product scent, materials, green initiatives, and whatever else you feel is important to disclose.
  1. Benefits: With so many candle companies out there, it’s important to showcase your competitive edge. Display your selling points to really set yourself apart from the competition. Selling points could include, long burning-times, aroma therapy benefits or anything else that makes your candle more special than the next one. 
  1. About your brand: Consumers love a good brand story. Showcase your branding by informing customers about your missions, origins and business goals to create a cohesive brand story that adds value to your candle products. 
  1. Safety warnings: Depending on laws and regulations, you should include any safety warnings about the product, such as cautionary labels or signs. 

Candle Packaging Styles

  1. Lock bottom box: Lock bottom boxes have bottom locking tabs for a secure fit. Lock bottom boxes are durable, strong, and suitable for heavier candles. They also don’t require any additional adhesives to keep products in place.

  2. Crash bottom box: With a crash bottom box, the flaps are glued together, making them suitable and secure for heavier items. The additional adhesive ensures candles don’t alter the integrity of the box. 

  3. Sleeve packaging: Sleeve packaging opens at both ends, making it easy to slide over the product. They act as an additional protective layer and offer an extra surface area for branding. 
Example of candle packaging sleeve
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Candle Packaging Materials

Ideally, the best material for candle packaging is paperboard, and many types are available depending on needs. 

  1. Premium Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS) Paperboard: Premium SBS paperboard is sustainably produced with 50% recycled material. There are also various coating options available depending on needs.
  1. Brown Kraft Paperboard: Another eco-friendly option as it is 100% recyclable. Great for a vintage or rustic feel for products and has the right texture for a more sensory experience. 
  1. Metalized paperboard: Metallized paperboard, as the name might suggest, has a metallic look and feel. It uses a fine film substrate to achieve the look and gives the overall packaging a shiny and premium finish. 

Finishing Options for Candle Packaging

If you want to give your packaging a luxury feel, finishes help accomplish that look – here are some of the best finishes for candle packaging: 

  1. Cutouts, coatings, and laminates: Thes elements are great from a safety perspective as they add an extra layer of protection from scratches and damages. They also improve the overall aesthetic look of the products. 

    Coatings and laminate include gloss UV coating, spot gloss coating for an extra touch, and gloss laminate for a shiny and smooth finish.

    Foil-stamping is used to add metallic elements and enhance logos. Soft-touch laminate adds strength while creating a luxurious look and feel.

    Cutouts can be done in any shape or size to allow customers to see the product inside.

    Cutouts can be done with white, kraft, or metallic paperboard, and plenty of customization options are available.
  1. Hot foil stamping, embossing, and debossing: These are inexpensive ways to add to that luxury look and feel we discussed earlier and can be a great way to add distinctive elements to your overall packaging. 

    Matte laminate adds a muted effect and can be combined with other elements, such as 3D embossing.

    Embossing is a process that adds a raised pattern to the box and can be used on product names, logos, and other packaging elements to make them stand out.

    Debossing is a process that adds a lowered or depressed pattern on the box and can be combined with other printing techniques. You can also add inside printing for elements like branding, instructions, or other value-adds.
  1. Labels: Labels are used to communicate information about the product and other elements as needed. 

    Labels are a crucial part of the packaging experience, especially for candle businesses operating online.

    Gloss-laminated labels add a shiny finish, while matte-laminated labels add a more subtle effect. You can also use labels to convey important safety information about responsible candle usage or simply show gratitude to customers for showing support for your business.

Now that you know all there is to know about choosing the right candle packaging, it’s time to get started on your own project. 

Keep in mind the specific needs of your candles and choose materials and finishes accordingly. 

And don’t forget – we can help with custom candle boxes for an extra touch of luxury. 

With so many options available, there’s no reason not to create stunning candle packaging that enhances both your product and your branding. 


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