đź’ˇDiscover the benefits of Discreet Packaging and how you can use it for your products

With ecommerce dominating most industries, discreet packaging plays an integral role in the scaling of certain ecommerce businesses. 

Through discreet packaging, ecommerce can guarantee discreet shipping and an all around better customer experience. 

What is Discreet Shipping and Packaging? 

Popular for ecommerce businesses, discreet shipping refers to a type of packaging that ensures no one can identify the contents of a package by the packaging when shipped. 

This not only censors what is inside of the packaging, but also which company, store or individual sent it. 

No one, aside from the business and customer, knows what a package holds inside. 

example of discreet corrugated packaging
Source: PakFactory

What does Discreet Packaging look like? 

Discreet packaging is commonly a plain shipping box, mailer box or postal box.

These boxes are kept generic and usually incorporate solid colors like natural kraft, white or any low impact single color. 

However, it’s important to note that making your packaging too generic may in fact stand out more than intended. 

Be subtle, but don’t be too subtle.

A lot of businesses’ discreet packaging also features packaging tape that say something generic like “thanks for your order”. 

This makes your package seem insignificant and blend in with the rest of the packages it is likely being delivered with. 

What is Discreet Shipping Used for? 

The main goal of discreet shipping is for your customers to purchase whatever they want and have it shipped without anyone outside of the business and consumer knowing what the product is. 

A large range of different products can be shipped discreetly. 

The first thought probably led you to adult products. However, many other products are also shipped discreetly.

Example of discreet packaging
Source: PakFactory

In some cases luxury products are shipped in discreet packaging to prevent theft. 

Products that display political statements are also commonly shipped in discreet packaging to prevent destruction from people with opposing beliefs. 

Furthermore, medicine and medical devices also use generic packaging when shipped to prevent theft and customers from feeling embarrassed. 

Discreet shipping is a smart practice for any business looking to respect the privacy of its customers.

The Unboxing Experience of Discreet Packaging

The unboxing experience becomes exceptionally more important with discreet packaging. 

Afterall, ecommerce businesses rely on the unboxing experience to generate customer testimonials and boost sales. 

But how do you create an unboxing experience using a box that is meant to blend in. 

The interior. 

Experiment with interior printed designs to create an exciting unboxing experience from the inside out. 

You can also incorporate things like custom tissue paper and custom box inserts to elevate the experience of your packaging. 

Example of interior printing
Source: PakFactory

The juxtaposition of the plain box with an exciting interior can lay a strong foundation for an impactful unboxing experience.

Communicating Through Discreet Packaging

Discreet packaging actually opens up opportunities to build stronger connections with consumers. 

Using discreet packaging for your products, shows that you understand your customer and alleviates any pain points around being embarrassed or worrying about theft. 

But make sure to communicate your intentions. 

Consider adding a promotional insert to disclose that you have used discreet packaging to deliver their products or make it an option on your website next to products that are eligible for discreet packaging.

This avoids any confusion on the quality of your brand when it comes to packaging and ensures your customers understand why your box may have a plain exterior.

The Implementation of Discreet Packaging

There are some hurdles that come with implementing discreet packaging into your supply chain and order fulfillment processes. 

If you are an international ecommerce business, you’ll likely come across custom clearance and storage issues if your packaging does not comply with requirements. 

Make sure your packaging complies with packaging regulations and requirements in the markets you operate in to ensure your discreet packaging can be shipped seamlessly.

Ultimately, more time needs to be spent on the preparation of packaging than implementation to integrate discreet packaging into your supply chain process. 

With PakFactory’s expertise and years of experience in delivering tailored packaging solutions to a range of industries, we can help you create the perfect discreet packaging for your business.