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Custom Game Boxes

Creating a packaging for board games and card games require a lot of attention to detail to make sure your the end users understand the game setup as quickly as possible as well as creating the optimal unboxing experience. Therefore, the feel, appearance and sturdiness is vital to how engaging the user will be.

With our endless and dynamic capabilities, you can design custom board game boxes or card game boxes specifically to meet the needs of your customers. What can PakFactory do for you?

  • One-on-one consultation with our product specialist 
  • Custom Structural design available to meet the objective of your product
  • Endless printing capabilities and additional special options.
  • End-to-end, hassle-free logistics solution from our production to your door

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PakFactory Promises Quality Assurance in Every Order!

Your boxes will be printed in the highest standard quality offering both offset and digital printing, making sure we can deliver based on your specifications and objective. You have the choice of either producing with our corrugated material or highest grade greyboard rigid material.

At PakFactory, we don't simply just produce and manufacture boxes. We make sure that your packaging meets your brand objective and your customers receive the best experience when engaging with both your product and the box. Creating loyalty and making your customers are happy is our main goal. In addition to delivering the best quality of boxes for your products, we also make sure that your experience with logistics is as smooth as possible. Therefore, we take care of the hassles and bustles!