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Fully Customizable Boxes

Get your premium boxes done by the professionals at PakFactory with competitive and affordable prices. Finding the right packaging material to suit your needs is made easy with the assistance of our product specialists. You can contact us by email, phone or chat with low minimum order quantities!

Producing only high quality folding carton & corrugated boxes is our top priority, which ensures complete customer satisfaction with every order. PakFactory's customizable boxes come in a wide variety of styles and are appropriate for all boxing needs. As one of the top online packaging manufacturers in the North America, we provide the best support offered to each and every customer ensuring flexibility down to the very last detail. Our small run orders will help suits the needs of all businesses, no matter how big or how small!

Need some ideas and inspiratoin for your & designs? Check out our Examples by Industry for custom ready boxes for inspirations! 

Cardboard Boxes

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Set Descending Direction

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PakFactory offers unique and creative short run & long run boxes for all business and personal needs.

While the design choices for boxes are extensive, there are two broad styles of options. They are:

Corrugated Box:

This style is the classic cardboard box that you have likely been used for shipping and packaging. Their uses, however, extend to far more than this. While the classic corrugated box is called the regular slotted container, there are a plethora of other styles that will suit your specific needs for your packaging.

Folding Custom Box:

Our boxes suit many products and goods. Folding boxes typically include two closure panels and are made to package products securely. Some examples include tuck end, roll end, and snap lock closure.

Our personalized options ensure that the specific needs in your packaging order are met down to the very last detail. Customizable boxes are used for a large variety of purposes, and PakFactory happily meets all customer needs. PakFactory's packaging products and options are made for universal and versatile uses, meaning that any product or personal item will fit perfectly in your box. Precision is key, and PakFactory offers nothing but complete precision! Not only will you have control over the size and box style, but your designs will be displayed in high quality and go through a stringent process. You also have the choice of adding special options such as gloss or mate finish.

PakFactory's products give you the freedom to design your box with any images and text that you desire. Our products and capabilities will help raise brand awareness for your products while also providing high aesthetic value to your packaging. We offer more versatility than ever before! These boxes have an extensive amount of uses and promise high-quality build and durability. They are easily customizable to suit your business and personal needs. All products will be displayed and protected in a way that compliments your brand and product.