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Custom Beverage Packaging Boxes

"We can help you choose attractive and highly customizable beverage packaging solutions."

Are you looking for durable beverage boxes for your tea products or coffee beans? We at PakFactory provide you with quality custom beverage packaging solutions so that your customers can easily carry their favorite products with considerable ease.

We know just how important brand building is in an environment of fierce business competition. But establishing your presence can be extremely tough, considering the fact that you are seen as unfamiliar in the eyes of your target customers. But with our extensive experience and expertise in the marketing and brand building industry, we can help you realize your brand building goals with our innovative custom beverage boxes.

Some popular custom beverage boxes include:

Lamp Shaped Boxes | Bag shaped Boxes | Kraft box with twisted paper handles | Box Bottom Kraft Bags | Box with plastic handles and many more! 


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Superior Quality

Increase your customer satisfaction with our durable custom beverage boxes.

One of the top most features of suitable packaging is high quality. We ensure our beverage boxes are made out of materials that can support the weight of your products and make it easy for customers to carry it around.

We use corrugated or cardboard box materials in our beverage boxes. This helps to ensure that it is robust and durable enough for long-term use. Tea bags and coffee beans, for instance, can last for a number of months, so the challenge of retaining freshness does not become an issue.

We also have an inspection team of experts that is responsible for doing routine inspections to make sure that all of our custom beverage packaging boxes are in useable condition and don’t require fixing.

Our designs are also available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. This means that you can easily choose packaging options according to your needs and specifications and make a lasting impression on your customers with unique custom beverage boxes. This will not only help you in gaining repeat customers, but also allow you to differentiate your business from rivals and as a result, gain greater brand leverage.

Perhaps you may require more than one type of beverage box packaging. For example, you can put two kinds of packaging on display for your customers in your retail shop and give them the freedom to choose the one they like.

Save Your Marketing Budget

We all know how much advertising can drain your marketing budget. New product launches and campaigns can literally cost thousands of dollars. But with our pricing options, you can achieve greater returns on your marketing as we give you extremely affordable rates on our custom beverage packaging designs.

We don’t ask for any minimum orders and we certainly do not surprise you with hidden charges. We give you utmost flexibility and ensure you marketing returns on investment are achieved.

Please feel free to get in touch with us today to get started on your marketing makeover with our range of custom beverage boxes!