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Baby Product Packaging Boxes with Hanger Tab


Key Features

  • Box with convenient hanger tab style
  • Glossy finish for printing of attractive product images
  • Fine finish for printing of product parts and usage instructions
  • Solid defined structure for easy storing and handling of product
  • Simple and easy flap open design for easy and hassle-free packaging
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Durable Packaging Design with Easy Open Close Feature

The baby product packaging boxes with hanger tab have been designed with high quality durable cardboard material, to make sure that the box packaging is able to bear the weight of a variety of baby products.

The box structure has been designed with an easy open and closing flap feature for hassle-free sliding in of product for secure packaging.

Box with Hanger Tab Design for Convenient Placement

The baby product packaging box has been designed with a convenient tab hanger style to make it easy for stores to store your products easily, without them taking up too much shelf space.

The hanger tab design not only helps to save the hassle of competing for a suitable shelf space for your product, but it also means that you get to present your products to the customer in a unique style. Easy storage and simple presentation of the baby product boxes will ensure easy placement and maximum exposure of your products.

Variety of Custom Design Options to Choose From

Now you can opt for a custom baby product packaging box and have it designed according to your product needs. If you want to make your baby product packaging boxes with hanger tab look attractive and charming, opt for a window patching design, an additional cut out, or embossing design.

To give more elegant style and baby charm to the product packaging boxes, you can choose a stylish debossing style, perforated or foil stamping design to add more attraction to your baby product packaging box.

If you want to try out new styles and get the perfect boxes for your product, then Pak Factory has a lot of design options for you to choose from! Explore and experiment to your heart’s desire!