Custom Lid-Off Box

Key Features

  • Boasts a luxurious look
  • Robust
  • High in strength
  • Offers perfect packaging for fragile items
  • EVA foam inserts for added protection available
  • Color options available
  • Size can be customized
    Price on Request


    When it comes to shipping fragile items, the biggest concern for manufacturers is product breakage. You can never be sure how the product will be handled during shipping. The last thing you want is damaged products reaching your retail partner and customers. To avoid product damage and to lower the breakage risk, consider investing in our black event lid-ff box. Our boxes offer superior protection to fragile gift items from breakage. Our boxes are designed with grey boards which make these boxes robust and sturdy. The heavy duty built of the box protects the product inside from potential damage.

    Manufacturing Process

    Preparing the Interior

    Preparing the Interior

    Specialty paper (with or without custom print & finishes) is wrapped and glued to the interior of the chipboard. Any additional add-ons like magnets are added before applying the specialty paper to create a seamless finish.

    Preparing the Exterior

    Preparing the Exterior

    After applying all interior finishes, the box is folded and formed to apply the exterior specialty paper (with or without custom print & finishes). Finally, the specialty paper is trimmed to the size of the box and glued to the exterior of the chipboard.

    Finishing Touches

    Finishing Touches

    Finishing touches are done to polish up any areas; for example, any excess specialty paper is folded into the box and glued for a seamless edge.

    Our Ordering Process

    Looking for custom packaging? Make it a breeze by following our four easy steps - soon you’ll be on your way to meeting all your packaging needs!

    Customize your packaging

    Customize your packaging

    Choose from our vast selection of packaging solutions and customize it with our wide range of options to create your dream packaging.

    Customize your packaging

    Add to quote and submit

    After customizing your packaging, simply add it to quote and submit quotation to be reviewed by one of our packaging specialists.

    Customize your packaging

    Consult with our expert

    Get expert consultation on your quotation to to save on costs, streamline efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.

    Customize your packaging

    Production & shipping

    Once everything is ready for production, have us manage your entire production and shipping! Just sit and wait for your order!